Workout with Annie

Friends! I'm so excited to be apart of your fitness journey! These workouts are going to be tough...but trust me, you're going to love them, just like I do. I want you to push yourself in each rep, each set, and every workout. These workouts will be gym-based and will have the progressive overload approach. This means, take note of the reps and weight you are lifting, so that you can work to increase those reps and weight to build lean muscle and shed total body fat. At the beginning of each month, I will post NEW workouts for you to do. The idea behind this plan is that you do not get bored of the gym. Instead, you are excited for the challenge and variation that will come with the Fit Life Fit Me app! Good luck, and let's crush this together!

12 weeks, 5 workouts/week
Good for everyone with a beginner to advanced skill set
workouts can be done at home or at a gym
Weights can be added to movements for increased difficulty and challenge
Includes a progressive cardio plan to help burn fat and get shreddy for summer!